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Garlic and mushroom burgers

Preparation Time
10 min
Cook Time
10 min
Total Time
20 min

Garlic and mushroom burgers

Garlic and mushroom burgers
4 Serving
My first time having a mushroom burger. Very nice.
mushrooms, stalks trimmed: 4
sunflower oil: 1 teaspoon
vegetarian Gruyère , grated: 50g
garlic, crushed: 1 clove
butter, softened: 1 tablespoon
ciabatta, split and toasted: 4
Heat grill to high. Rub the mushrooms with oil; set on a baking sheet. Grill for 3 mins on each side until cooked, but still firm. Mix the cheese, garlic, butter and seasoning in a bowl, then spoon into the mushrooms. Grill until the cheese melts, then stuff into toasted buns with salad.


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