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Easy Beef burgers

Preparation Time
30 min
Cook Time
35 min
Total Time
65 min

Easy Beef burgers

Easy Beef burgers
4 Serving
Perfect for getting the kids cooking, these burgers are fun to make, freeze well and are super tasty too.
lean minced beef: 500g
chilli powder: 1 teaspoon
cheddar: 4 slices
burger buns: 4
lettuce, leaves: 1/2 cup
cucumber, sliced: 1/2 cup
gherkin, sliced: 1/2 cup
tomato, sliced: 1/2 cup
red onion, sliced: 1/2 cup
ketchup: 1/5 cup
Put the meat in a mixing bowl, then sprinkle over the chilli powder and a little salt and pepper. Mix well with your hands or use a fork. The mild chilli powder gives the meat added flavour without making it too spicy. Shape into burgers: Divide the mixture into 4 equal pieces, then shape with your hands into round burgers about the width of the buns, or pack the mixture into large presentation rings placed on a chopping board. You need to press down on the meat to compact it, then carefully lift off the rings. Fry the burgers on a hot griddle or grill them outside on the barbecue for 5 mins on each side, turning them carefully with a metal spatula. Take care as hot fat from the meat may spit a little. If you want to make cheeseburgers, put a slice of cheese on top of the burgers when you turn them over and let it melt while the other side cooks. When they are ready, cut the burger baps in half and warm them in the toaster or on the barbecue. Meanwhile, prepare the toppings of your choice. Separate the lettuce into leaves. Then, using a sharp knife, thinly slice the tomato, cucumber and gherkin on a separate board to the one you prepared the burgers on. Peel and finely chop the red onion. Spread a little ketchup onto the toasted buns, then top with burgers and salads of your choice, followed by the remaining half bun.


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